This is a highly integrated, ultra-low power, connected pet tracker offering multiple radios for indoor and outdoor tracking, sensors for situation awareness and a very efficient actuator driver.

By Michael Joehren, Solutions Architect -- 2022-02

At the 2021 Cooling & Heating Intelligent Manufacturing (CHIM) Awards Ceremony, Renesas was honored with the Golden Smart Award and Top 10 Supply Chain Products Award due to its RX 32-bit MCUs for inverter control!

By Liu Tao, Manager -- 2022-02

Truly "smart" buildings will only come when we can integrate numerous sensor data with a building’s other systems, such as HVAC, access control, lighting and others – as well as with data analytics and AI platforms.

By Apurba Pradhan, Business Unit Director, Industrial Edge Computing -- 2022-02

For customers who are interested in AI but don't know where to start, Shingo Kojima walks you through the AI Implementation Guide that comes with the DRP-AI Support Package for RZ/V2L introducing Vision AI based on DRP-AI in an easy-to-understand manner.

By Shingo Kojima, Senior Principal Specialist -- 2022-02

是否正在為您的 xEV 電機尋找最佳位置傳感器? 我們將為您介紹電感式位置傳感器IPS2550以及應用了這款位置傳感器的逆變器系統。

By Chen Guanyuan, Application Engineer -- 2022-02


By 津田 哲治, Principal Engineer -- 2022-02

As ML inference moves to device endpoints, integrated AI will power a complex combination of tech to create smart applications with which we can interact more naturally.

By Carmelo Sansone, Director of Strategic Business Development -- 2022-02

Hidetoshi Shibata, Renesas’ CEO, recently joined FT Global Dealmaking Summit 2021 hosted by the Financial Times and shared Renesas’ M&A goals and recent examples.?

By Renesas PR -- 2022-02

This blog helps customers find the right devices to use when they are looking for a high-performance clock to drive their data converters.

By Jeffry Keip, Sr. Staff Marketing Manager -- 2022-02

In this series, I am going to introduce the history of the software for the 32-bit RX family MCU, which Renesas developed and provided so that users can develop applications with less or no coding. Today is the first blog in this series, which is about our support for development of small and low-power embedded devices with internet connection.

By 石黒 裕紀, 主幹技師 -- 2022-01